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2024 Red Transferware Challenge: Christmas 2023 Spode Christmas Tree

Somehow I've added four red transferware plates to my collection. Not really sure how I managed to aquire them or why, I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could use them over the course of the year. Its not that I don't like transferware, I do, its just that I never was in love with it enough to begin a collection, which is probably a good thing.

I do love the story of transferware however, it was the invention of transferware that made china dinnerware something available to the masses. Prior to affordable china, most families in Europe outside of the nobility, used a variety of wood, tin, or unrefined clay plates, and rarely had a collection of curated dinnerware for a family meal. Transferware changed that.

Potters used etched copper plates and dies to transfer the pattern of florals, farm, or even city sceneries to the plates and used a variety of colors. The reds all seem to have quite a bit of variety and often appear in cranberry, maroon, and even as hot pink.

Some more contemporary versions are sold as collectibles and transferware is still very collectible.

So, with my collection of random plates, here is the first of my challenge using Spode Christmas Tree and a variety of pink depression glass, both vintage and contemporary.

Not finding any plaid chargers that I liked, I did find this cute plaid wrapping paper. Turns out the covering chargers is not nearly as easy as covering plates with napkins! It was more of a battle than I expected, but I dtill love the color combination.

I mixed in some of my favorite pink and gold ornaments

Hope you enjoyed the table. I still have one more table planned for December. Hope to see you back in soon for a table set in silver, and of course the January transferware challenge! Please feel free to comment and invite others to enjoy Dinners in the Dining Room. Until next time, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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