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A calm, serene table prior to the chaos!

Happy Thanksgiving! A great time to spend time in a lovely dining room with a beautifully set table. As we ramp up to the holidays and things get more hectic and busy, be sure to take time to find some calm amidst the busy back-drop.

I love these soft, muted colors of browns, peaches, and pinks. This setting is placed on a Ralph Lauren sheet (of all things), but the colors are just too pretty to ignore! Enjoy!

I’ve been terribly busy with starting a new business, and this site will most likely be migrating to a new platform in 2023.

Be sure to check out the Dinners shop, all inventory is on sale through the holiday season. In the event that this site goes down, you can also find Dinners in the Dining Room on Etsy 🙂

Best to everyone for a wonderful holiday season and thanks to everyone for your support over the past two years! Until next time, enjoy something beautiful. ~d

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