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An early autumn table setting

A return to table-scapes after a busy year!

Well, hard to believe its been a year since my last post. So much has happened - a new web-hosting platform and with so much of my attention going to my business, my fun activities took a bit of a vacation. Am back now and need to figure out how to successfully manage both.

I'll be populating the shop with napkin blings soon, but through the end of year, they'll be 30% off!

I was gifted these beautiful set of buffet plates for my birthday, from my long-time friend Margaret J.

Its a set of six lovely floral motif hand-painted Limoges plates with lots of detail and gold! I added a lot more gold to the overall tablescape for lots of richness, which I always think of in autumn as all the colors begin to show. There are six plates in the series, but as I paired them with this delicate German Hutschenreuther pattern of which is a set of four.

Look at all the detail in these beautiful plates! I think this one is definatly my favorite, but I am partial to orange.

In keeping with lots of gold and the autumn theme, I added a soft gold charger, more gold on the wine glasses, and some purple water goblets.

I love this platter with the rich jewel tones paired with the subtle tones of the beige. These little condiment spoons (below) with pearls are some of my favorites!

And of course two sets of Pickard salt and pepper shakers.

This relish (below) set in gold was part of my grandmothers collection and a great addition to the gold and pearls.

some autumn flowers...

I felt really fortunate to find this bouquet. It had all of the colors of the plates I selected!

Hope you enjoyed the table! These plates are too beautiful to not show off, and thank you Margaret for the lovely gift, you know there simply is not enough china!!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment! Until next time, enjoy something beautiful, ~d

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