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August: along the garden path 3 – the perfectly packed picnic

Welcome back diners!

Whew! Barely made the final August post, definitely got a bit delayed on this, more due to paralysis-analysis around creating the perfect picnic. Having never done a picnic before, lots of questions naturally emerged: does it count as a picnic if there’s a table? what does one pack for a picnic? Is there a best time of day for one – lunch or dinner?   As I pondered these difficult subjects, the first question became clear: if there are picnic tables, then yes you can have a picnic with a table.  Alright – next two were a bit more vexing. For inspiration I purchased this book (as one can never have too many lifestyle guides), and found the needed inspiration and confidence to answer the remaining questions! 

My inspiration: A perfect day for a picnic (Finch, T) “cookbook” with great photo’s, ideas, and recipe – it had me at a rose & raspberry pavlova!

Upon some reflection, I recalled summer days with my grandmother. Always busy, she would send me into the yard to find an ideal spot for a picnic-lunch, which she would pack.  I am sure she was hoping this adventure would take me much longer than it did!  Their yard was rather large with lots of great spaces for a picnic-lunch, but I preferred a spot between the two cherry trees with a dappled shade canopy.  So, a grass or lawn lunch picnic it was, inspired by cherries – the perfect summer fruit. And, I also have the perfect vintage cherry tablecloth – love the combination of the light blue and deep red.

Not having an actual picnic basket, I used my great-grandmothers “pie safe” (c 1925).  It has a removable riser for two pies, which was perfect for the plates leaving lots of room for the essentials. 

Wanting to keep with the deep red and light blue theme, a used Gien Oiseu Bleu with cherries, along with Sorrento plate in red.

I love the brass details: the hinges and the small lock – because it is a pie safe!

Packed and ready to go! It was a little cooler today, not being one to complain after our very hot summer, I re-donned my duck-shoes –adding a cardigan– and headed outside.  Despite the grey, blustery day it was actual quite warm. 

The menu: some good crusty bread and cheese, a variety of veggies with homemade hummus, and of course some wine!

Homemade hummus is super easy and so much better than store bought: can of chick peas, 2-3T of olive oil, juice of one lemon, some garlic – blend until smooth then add 1 -2T of cold water! You can also use white beans if chick peas are not available.

This vintage wood wine box served as both a tote and later as a table.

I chose this spot under the maple tree, which came from my grand-parents yard, and was joined my yard friends and some pesky horsetail.

Important for any meal – ensuring the safety of the wine. These wine picks (for both the bottle and the glasses) were the perfect solution! They work well in both lawn and sand.

The quilt, one of many made by my grandmother, was perfect with its denim background and velvet stars.

Some late summer nasturtiums are perfect for both extra color and a nice peppery flavor.

Lunch over. Time to head back inside, and…here comes the sun!

Thanks for joining me for a simple lawn picnic. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and the hummus recipe. Hoping you’ll stop back in September. Very excited to set a table with a fantastic new china set: Chelsea Bird!

Look at those colors!!

Until then, enjoy something beautiful ~d

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