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January 2022: Oh for the love of china – a few cheery tablescapes

Its my one weakness Dorcas Lane, from Lark Rise to Candleford

Hello diners! Happy 2022 and welcome back. January has always felt so daunting to me with its short, grey days and long dark nights. So, in anticipation of spring just around the corner, here are a few cheery table-scapes to brighten the mood and the day! Whether you’re planning a lunch with friends or a Valentine’s celebration, there are always beautiful things to add to any table to make it lovely and special. Here are three that I hope you enjoy.

An early spring lunch with friends in blue and yellow:

I started with the always beautiful Queens are in Lavender (it does look blue, but Wedgewood insists that its lavender, so lavender it is) and layered in these cute salad plates The Malvern from Tirsehenrueth. These bee napkins were the perfect addition and the buttery-yellow table cloth added some sunny color to the blue and yellow theme.

A variety of vintage glass and crystal bowls was perfect for a salad trio, and large berry spoons, perfect for scooping up all of the goopiness that makes a salad a salad. From my grandmother, and one of my favorites, this crystal bowl on feet. I am not sure why feet on china or crystal is a favorite of mine, but I am particularly fond of them. Like pink rose garlands, can’t pass one up!

In its former life, this crystal dish would have had been reserved for celery, the Victorians had something for everything! Now, re-envisioned, its perfect for crackers. These sweet blue ramekins from Haviland were just right for the salad condiments.

Lunch is served! Enjoy –

Lunch with kitten in pink and blue:

This second table features a variety of patterns in pink, inspired by a gift from reader, and contributor, Marilyn L. (The Great Juxtaposition, May 2021) I paired the vintage Haviland salad plate in pink and blue with pink depression glass and an old Johnson Brothers pattern that was part of my grandmothers wedding gift. It is old enough to be one of the many unnamed patterns, so finding replacement pieces for these can be a daunting task. I love the small rose garlands against the blue border.

Some vintage luncheon napkins with a light blue embroidery mixed well

And, a bit of vintage chintzware, also featuring pink and blues.

This is a cranberry bowl. Honestly, they had something for everything. Still uncertain how a cranberry bowl was actually used, I can only assume it was for a cranberry relish. Of course that would have deserved a beautiful spoon, dedicated just for scooping up the cranberry goodness. Currently, I do not have a “cranberry spoon.”

A valentines day lunch – featuring pink and green…and more pink.

The third and final table also features a vintage Haviland set, also unnamed, in lovely springtime pinks and greens. I paired this setting with an additional darker pink and Oneida silverplate Coronation flatware. I love how this darker pink runner really changed the feel of this sweet pattern. This setting is also available from Dress the Table, our vintage rental service!

This table needed lots of baby’s breath!

A re-envisioned vintage coffee pot is filled pink roses to make the perfect vase, and the cranberry compete was the right size for a floating candle.

Beautiful pink and gold Tiffan glasses were a great addition to this rosy table setting.

Well diners, I hope at least one of these three tables brought some cheer on this rainy January day. I hope you’ll comment and share with others who might enjoy. Also, please visit the Dinners in the Dining Room e-store. You’ll find an invitation to shop for Napkin Blings and other re-envisioned vintage items. As always, your support and encouraging words are appreciated! See you next time as a friends grandmother’s china finds a new forever home. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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