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July 2022: In the Sultan’s tent

Alas, another month and I find I am behind yet again! Its a good thing you’re not really waiting for dinner to be served! That said, welcome back to the July blog-post “In the Sultan’s Tent.” This table-scape was inspired by a favorite childhood movie: the Thief of Bagdad.

Complete with a handsome Prince, beautiful Princess, cunning villain, flying carpets, a challenging sea voyage, and lots of adventure, this 1940s movie portrays the richness of the dynastic caliphates. I wanted to include the many beautiful, rich colors from the silk road, made historically from vegetables and roots.

My muse: Mottehedeh Tobacco Leaf china. Not wanting to pay the price for this particular pattern ($130 for a salad plate – gulp). I utilized a table-scappers best friend: mod-podge!

Some clear, glass plates, great paper napkins, mod-podge and a whole new set of plates is created!

My version. I love all the beautiful colors in this pattern, which I tried to bring into the table.

Originally, I was going to do this table outside, but the excessive heat encouraged me to re-think my choices. I hope you enjoy this colorful table.

These large brass vases were perfect for the tall, colorful arrangements of orange gladiolas, hot pink Peruvian lilies.

The “Chelsea Bird” demitasse cups and my grandmothers Indian brass candlesticks.

Colorful purple and vintage teal thumbprint glasses.

These little slipper personal ashtrays(!) how cute are these. A set of these also belonged to my grandmother who loved the Indian brass. I couldn’t find any formal instruction on where to actually place the personal ashtray. Hopefully, they’re correctly positioned!

This brass urn is quite large, it reminds me of something a genie would inhabit.

Thanks for being here today, I hope you enjoyed this colorful table-setting, inspired by a couple of things. Come back in August for a birthday celebration and hopefully a second post. Don’t forget to pop into the Dinners “shop” where there is a selection of hand made napkin rings and many other vintage treasures.

Hope you’ll share comments and share with others and thank you for visiting and your support. Until next time, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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