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June: At the beach – beneath the waves

Beneath the Waves…See how peaceful it is here. The sea is everything, An immense reservoir of nature where I roam at will. Earl Felton

Hello diners! Welcome back to a contemporary, seaside, al fresco meal. Well, not really seaside as its in the backyard, but a seaside inspired table featuring a fun set of Pier1 salad plates.

So much lies beneath the waves. Here in the Puget Sound we have our very own unique collection of salt water critters: sea cumbers, sea pens, moon snails, and anemones. So much life that we rarely get to see. And of course when we think of the sea we can only imagine the lost treasures of early voyages and sea farers.

I used to find these moon snail casings frequently at my grandparents beach house. Anyone who has ever thrown out a crab pot has most likely discovered some of these other critters as well! Retrieved 6/9/22 from:

Pier 1: Cruiser and Otto

Pier1: Spikey and Speedy the Turtle…sorry Speedy, this photo does not do you justice!

In lieu of a table cloth, I used blue and taupe tulle to represent the sand and surf. The plates are a marbled blue-green glass, reminiscent of sea-glass.

My new outside “helper” Crunch. My constant companion and helper. As I brought out the final pieces of the table, I quickly averted his attempts to get the cheese!

So sweet looking! We call him Crunch because he brings us daily “gifts” He is quite the little hunter.

He is very busy!

A shell pitcher rests on a blue glass platter with silver shell handles

I made these chargers for this table. They have a variety of shells, baby sea stars, and of course, sunken treasures.

I also made two sets of Napkin Blings for this table. They represent the ebb and flow of the tides, constantly in motion.

Cheese, crackers, and flowers share space on this vintage glass shell platter.

Hope you enjoyed the tables cape. Later in June we’ll (I’m sure Crunch will join me) look at some of the unique treasures of the PNW – items above the waves and along the shore. Hope to see you then! Please feel free to share with others who may enjoy and feel free to comment, “what’s your favorite Puget Sound critter that lives beneath the waves”?

Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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