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May: time for roses – a perfect pairing

Hello diners! Welcome back to the second May post: a perfect pairing – roses and silver. There is nothing prettier than a table filled with gleaming silver hollowware, especially when its filled with roses. Whether its julep cups, pitchers, tea- or coffee-pots, there are so many options. Even sugar bowls and creamers make perfect vases. If you have silver hollowware and uncertain as to how to use it, fill it with flowers!

When Stephen and I got married, I found as many silver hollowware pieces that I could find, and every surface was filled with pink roses and silver.

Here are three sets of roses in pink, hot pink, and red in a variety of silver pieces. Enjoy the beautiful roses and silver –

How cute is this vintage lap tray from the Kentley Corporation. This one is based on the story “The Romance of Fifi and Pepe” – with roses of course!

A week later, these roses were in full bloom and lovely in this vintage Wedgewood bowl.

Even dried roses remain beautiful. Here are some in a vintage silverplate condiment bowl.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope these beautiful roses brought some beauty to your day. Don’t forget to virtually pop into the e-shop and see if any re-envisioned vintage items appeal to you. Please share with others who might also enjoy and don’t forget to visit again in June for the “At the Beach” series. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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