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October: Chilly autumn mornings – coffee, chocolate, or tea?

Autumns are for hot-chocolaty mornings! Winnie the Pooh

Boy, I couldn’t agree more Pooh! Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea or any other warm beverage is ideal for a chilly morning. Welcome back diners, boy did the chilly mornings set in quickly this year. As you sip on your favorite cool morning beverage, take a look at some hopefully inspiration and enjoyable ways to serve your favorite warm-beverages.

Some beautiful cups. Size and shape do matter!

Coffee or tea cup, whats the difference? There actually is a difference between a coffee and a tea cup. A tea cup is generally shorter than its taller cousin the coffee cup, which eventually led to the modern mug. The reason? Tea pots are “short and stout,” we learned that a long time ago. The taller coffee pot ushered in a taller cup to avoid spilling – spilling an expensive item like coffee, and to avoid spilling on difficult to wash linens. I think it also served as a way to easily tell the difference between the two beverages during a time when both were relatively expensive and not as easy to acquire.

Coffee pot, chocolate pot, and tea pot. The spout placement and shape is different as well. I have also read that the spout placement is specific to what item is being brewed, served, and maintained as well as for optimal taste and color.

A quick morning coffee break. My grandmothers coffee service and some lovely snack plates from my Dress the Table ( partner Margaret J.

Coffee is perfect with a rich snack that includes pecans!

Don’t forget about the the traditional Italian espresso pot. This is the only way to really make a great cup of morning-energy drink.

I love these little demi-tasse cups! What is it about tiny things that is just so cute??

Ah, the chocolate pot. This set is from my husband’s Oma, where it is traditional for all German families to have a dessert set like this one. This is a Villeroy & Bach set, Val Bleu.

What better with rich hot chocolate than some zesty lemon bread.

Chocolate cups are also tall like the coffee cup, but smaller like a demi-tasse cup.

Here’s a more elaborate chocolate pot. These are tea-cups, but so pretty and a good match with this pot.

And of course everyone needs a nice, proper cup of tea. This set was my great-grandmothers: Steubenville, Rose Point.

A few other sets from my collection. L-R: an old English set; This tea pot was hand-painted by my oldest daughter Lauren; the lovely Billingsly Rose by Spode. This tea pot was a very serendipitous find. Browsing through an antique mall I found the tea pot and lid for $5 each at separate booths, because they were missing their mates! A Spode teapot for $10, I almost felt guilty.

Don’t forget the tea-cozies, beautiful and functional! They do keep you pot of tea hot.

Hope you enjoyed a look at some lovely ways to enjoy a warm beverage on a cool morning. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share with others who may enjoy. Later this month we’ll look at a hearty autumn breakfast setting. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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