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Hello and welcome!

I have always loved antiques and vintage items. They are definitely a part of my life. I love to use vintage items in everyday life as well. A beautiful pitcher, a silver dish to hold miscellaneous items, vintage linens on the table.  There are so many ways to use and appreciate these items.   

For several years, I participated in an annual table-setting competition and fundraiser at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, WA.  Every October, scores women, and a few men,  would converge on Lakewold Gardens with boxes of china, crystal, silver, linens, flowers, and more to set a Beautiful Table. 

During the COVID shutdown, the event was cancelled, leading to a permanent end to the loved event of many years.  By November of the second year, I was really feeling the loss of the annual event. The Dinners in the Dining Room blog began so I had the opportunity to set a beautiful table anytime I wanted!

"We're stuff people"

                               Kathy Bowker, 2020

My goal is to ignite a renaissance, where beautiful things

are shared, used, and loved.  

Thank you for visiting and please invite others to dinner!

A chinaphile is born...

I have always had a love of china, crystal, silver, and really all things vintage. My mom would leave me in the china and crystal department in her favorite jewelry store: Gundersons, downtown Tacoma, WA.  As a five year old girl, my favorite pattern was Lenox Autumn.  

When I was in kindergarten, my mom was desperately trying to get me to quit my thumb-sucking habbit, bribing me with little pin dishes from Bavaria. The brightly colored china dishes had completely captivated my attention. A week later, we returned: two promises kept. A reformed thumb-sucker and I had my first piece of china! 

Join us in the dining room as we share the beauty of china, crystal, silver, and so much more.

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