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Napkin Blings

Add some jewelry to your table

Your table deserves jewelry too!

Inspired by the crown jewels of Europe, I began making napkin rings to compliment my table-settings. 

Each set of Napkin Blings is completely different, some are matched sets, some are coordinated sets all handmade with bits and pieces of vintage jewelry.  

If you prefer simple to extreme, check out the complete set!

A coordinated pair with a royal blue vintage bracelet.  One ring has a vintage stick pin, the other includes smaller blue and white rhinestones from an earring.  This is a more masculine set on a heavy matte silver 2" rings.


Ships in a 4" box.  

Napkin Blings(c):The peacocks

  • Wipe gently with a damp cloth.  Napkin Blings are not dishwasher friendly.  Do not soak in water as it may loosen the rhinestones. 

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