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April: Easter follies – a springtime brunch

There is nothing quite like spring in the Pacific NW, the emerging pinks and greens is always a favorite of mine.  A while ago, I was inspired by a Pintrist photo to begin a collection of green and pink plates.  Not only is this my favorite color combination, but the depth of greens and pinks in this collection really represents the springtime colors of the NW.  The dark greens remind me of our deep evergreens and native rhododendrons, while the brighter greens are akin to the emerging blossoms of the trees and perennials.   There are lots of pinks as well, from the remaining late winter hellebore’s and the early spring pink cherry blossoms and camellias.   It is perfect for an early spring Easter gathering of friends. 

A collection of green and pink dinner and salad plates – oh the decisions.

To start off this table, I used this lovely cut-work tablecloth and napkin set.  This was set was gifted to my great-aunt from the Sisters of the Northfield hospital (MN) when her husband became the Chief Medical Officer (c: 1950’s).  It was handmade by the Sisters and has been on the table for many get-together’s over many years.   The cloth is rather small, especially on this large table, and much of the beautiful cut-work was covered by the chargers, but I didn’t want the napkins to feel lonely. 

After much mixing & matching, and lots of hhmmming…finally some decisions. My collection of pink and green plates with large gold chargers and flatware to brighten the table.

To keep with the pink and green theme, I added in vintage Rose of Sharon depression glass (gifted to me by my sister-in-law Lucinda Lord) and vintage/new cabbage Majolica serving pieces.

The cabbage pattern is another great spring time addition.

The napkin rings (Napkin Blings) are made from vintage jewelry pieces by yours truly.   I made this collection of pink and greens for this specific table setting – a representation of spring gardens.

Available for sale exclusively at NOWVI  More napkin rings will be available in the future, inspired for upcoming table settings.

In lieu of flowers, I decided to use fresh moss from the yard.  Moss is ubiquitous in the northwest, love it or hate it, it is part of our landscape – literally!  Early spring blooming white candytuft and pink lungwort were nice additions to the simple centerpiece of Easter rabbits. 

I love this very dapper rabbit on a pedestal.

…and this large silver-plated tray and food dome for the roast-beast. These antique, silver-plated food-domes are very difficult to find, and this one has seen many meals: the handle has been replaced, it has a few dents, and the silver-plate is all but worn off!    

This little chef…so cute and ready with the mustard.  

Friend, guest, and reader Tricia R brought this lovely bottle of rosé wine – it was too perfect to not include it as part of this pink table. 

Inspired by cream Limoncello, I decided to make boozy Italian cream sodas: Orangecello, as well as violet and rose liquor combined with club soda and a splash of half-n-half.  I used these beautiful Heisey iced-tea glasses in the Orchid pattern, given to me by my long-time friend Margaret J. 

And, like most boozy moments, I forgot to take a photo. You’ll have to trust me, they were quite lovely and looked like pastel dyed Easter eggs in a glass!

I hope you enjoyed this NW inspired pink and green spring-time table, and had a lovely Easter celebrating with friends and family. Spring is here, and like so many I am looking forward to longer days and time in the yard. Please feel free to comment and share with others who may enjoy having beautiful things as part of their world.

I hope to see you back later in April where we’ll consider “what to do about those egg cups” – as part of our Easter follies conversation. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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