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August 2022: A birthday bash!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Welcome back diners to a birthday dinner complete with birthday-girl crowns. This table is set with one of my favorite patterns: Mikasa Rosemead. In its all pink and girly glory it was selected to celebrate those July and August birthdays that never got the chance to have a party at school!

So pick a birthday crown, grab a glass of champagne, and join in the celebration!

I chose as much pink as I could muster for this table, and lots of gold as well. The Pier1 crown plates are a fun addition to the table, and I mixed in MaryKay Pink bread plates. Yes, MaryKay actually had a china pattern!!!

MaryKay china in MaryKay pink of course, and lots of gold!

I made the centerpiece with a set of three vintage bullion cups and saucers and a variety of miscellaneous items. It was perfect for the table and the bullion cups and saucers provide a wide variety of uses for flowers, candles, birthday treats…

Some favorite glasses…these tall beauties were a recent gift from friend Jane. The shorter ones are Oscar de la Renta. I bought one a month over a long period of time when I was just out of college.

Hope you enjoyed this fun table. Happy Birthday to all the July and August babies. To diner Margaret C., we actually share an August birthday! Going to try to get in another blog this August, but with how quickly the days have been going…

Its hard to believe that September will be knocking on the door soon. In September I’ll be featuring an “Encore” table. Hope to see you back in September if not sooner.

Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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