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December: “Baby its cold outside”! – vintage furs

Welcome back diners!

There is nothing quite as beautiful, or taboo, as vintage furs. Be it fox, coyote, beaver, rabbit, mink or any of the furs that were once common, many of these beauties still exist: in the closet of your great aunt; in the attic of your grandmother, or occasionally found in vintage shops. I recall working at the Tacoma Fredrick & Nelson Department store in the late 1980s and there was still a fur department up until that time. Sadly out of fashion, and often seen as taboo items, furs in many forms and varieties were very common in the past. Lets take a look at some furs and their uses from the 20th century.

I recently found this old photo album at a vintage flea market. I’ve always liked these, sturdy with thick heavy pages, even photo albums from another time were things of beauty! And this one, has a Bakelite cover with charming winter scene, perfect for a look at furs from the past.

That detail!

Even the clasp is lovely!

A flight of vodka. Fur muffler. c 1960’s.

A vodka set from Russia, a birthday gift from Margaret J. Aren’t those shot glasses the cutest?

I first saw these naval hats when we arrived in Latvia USSR (a port city) 1991, and new I wanted one, they were USSR Naval cadet hats. I finally made my purchase in Moscow from these young cadets – $20 hard currency, but well worth it. I thought they looked like they were 12 years old in 1991, they definitely still look young. Clearly, I was pleased with my purchase!!

Today, this muffler serves as a sort of pillow in a comfortable spot.

An evening out. Mink stole c1960’s

This little beauty belonged to Margaret’s mother, her initials are sewn into the front: MJS. Michi was a very talented Japanese artist.

Stoles came in many forms and shapes, a smaller alternative to a full length coat and one that could be worn throughout the course of an event rather than removed. Here are a few other examples.

Also from Margaret J. Can you imagine wearing this with a fabulous evening gown?

This lovely stole is now re-envisioned as a table runner.

Another style of a stole.

Ladies auxiliary luncheon. Mink hat c 1950’s

Champagne fur mink hat with salmon bow and birdcage netting. Can we bring hats back?? Please???

A glove box was an essential to keep gloves in pristine condition. This one is also Bakelite, like the photo album, and has similar raised detail.

Ringing in a New Year. Coyote collar with embellishments re-purposed c 2010

The House of Kerri contact information.

The House of Kerri in Tacoma (WA) takes in vintage furs and gives them new life. Each new piece includes beautiful lining, beading, and often a vintage brooch. I found Kerri at the Puyallup Antique show several years ago and loitered in her booth until I finally settled on this collar. Its perfect during the holidays!

To tea with grandma. Rabbit hat and muffler set c 1950’s

This set was actually a gift to my mom from her grandma. I was a big fan too!

Yours truly – 1969

“My first Spode” most little girls got Easy-bake ovens, I got china! Lovely Spode, Copeland Collection “Lady Anne” a gift from Auntie Evie, always full of life… and sweets.

I hope you enjoyed this look at vintage furs, and a few other assorted items. If you are lucky enough to have one of these beauties lurking in a closet, use it! Wear it during the holidays, envision a new use for it, or connect directly with Kerri so she can help you consider a new way to wear something vintage and lovely.

Please come back later in December for a dinner in the Palace of Snow Queen. You’ll need your vintage fur for that meal.

Thank you please feel free to comment and share with others who may enjoy. Until then, enjoy something beautiful, ~d

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