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Encore: A tribute to toe shoes

We all have our short list of favorite things. Topping my list: toe shoes. The simplicity and elegance of the design, not to mention that beautiful, soft pink; the soft tapping on the stage as the dancers feet come into contact; the juxtaposition of something so beautiful yet brutal. Combined with one of my favorite china patterns, Royal Doulton Juliet, this is a table celebrating the beauty of pink.

I found this simple pancake tutu and added most of the elements using ribbon roses, pearls, and vintage millinery flowers to add some whimsey and embellishment.

The simplicity of my grandmothers flatware Gorham Greenbrier was the perfect addition, mixed with Lenox Eternal dinner and bread and butter plates

An old lace table cloth and some vintage Franciscan glassware...

And of course its always the small things! I can't get enough of these little salt cellar spoons!

Even tables need bling -

This set is Thinking of Spring in a garland and wreath pattern.

No words for this little Haviland bone dish!

A similar bone dish and the napkins rings will be available in the shop soon.

OK, a few more for swoon-sake! Thanks for joining us for a tribute to Toe Shoes. Please feel free to comment and share with others who enjoy beautiful things! Until next time, enjoy something beautiful. ~d

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