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Jan 2024: Tiny bubbles and pink elephants

Its been said that seeing pink elephants is a euphemism being a bit too tipsy. What better than to have a pink elephant setting than at the bar, where it all begins!

I was sharing with my husband that I wanted to do a pink elephant themed table, he suggested the bar, which I thought was a great suggestion! Since I had never set a table at the bar, here is a first.

Every table setting has some inspiration, my muse for this table: one of my favorite childhood books: the Pink Elephant with Golden Spots...

Image retrieved 12/29/2023 from: =pink%20elphants%20with%20golden%20spots&form=IQFRBA&id=3ADFC2961B660E7B94F85CB29276089BAF597D18&first=1&disoverlay=1

And, the holy grail of all vintage bar war: Hazel Atlas Pink Elephants...

Sadly, I do not have any of the barware, but I did run across two of the canape plates, which I used in the overall place-setting and will be for sale shortly in the Slug & Nettle shop!

To compliment all of the black, I used large, chunky gold chargers -- these things are heavy and not recommended for use with anyone who may be experiencing pink elephants - real or otherwise, and the chunky, contemporary gold flatware. Lenox Eternal and Mary Kay Pink B&Bs round out the setting. I know what you're thinking and yes there really is Mary Kay china, in pink even!

The Napkin Blings are part of the Pink Elephants collection, which can also be found in the shop soon.

The stemware is a combination of Fostoria Cascade and wine glasses of this fantastic pink and black set from my great grandmother.

A few more pics...

As always, thanks for stopping by to enjoy another inspired table-setting. Please feel free to comment and share with others who might enjoy an appreciation for beautiful tables, amazing china, and all things vintage. Hope to see you later in the January for month one of my 2024 red transferware china challenge "Chinese New Year." Until then, enjoy something beautiful, ~d

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1 Comment

A Very fun setting. Now I'm on the search for that Hazel Atlas bar set!!

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