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January: Oh for the love of china – an old pattern finds a new forever home

Hello Diners, welcome back! What a busy month. January 2022 is shaping up to be on of my busiest Januarys yet. Opening an antique booth with my Dress the Table partner Margaret J (, getting my own consulting company started, and making a poor effort at managing all the social media for four businesses has kept me busy, but not out of trouble!

So, here for a last minute entry is my second blog update for January: an old pattern finds a new forever home. In early autumn 2021, a dear friend Martha J contacted me about her grandmother’s china. It seems that no one in the family wanted it, and did I know of an antique store that might be interested? Enter the China rescue-er (that’s me) and after a quick trip to the Issaquah plateau (complete with a driveway worse than ours), this beautiful set from the Rosenthal Continental Ivory collection made its way here. From what I gathered, this collection was produced during the years of 1920 – 1941, and there are numerous patterns within the collection. The unique aspect of this pattern is the embossed basket-weave ( I have not been able to find this particular one among the many listed in the collection!

Martha’s paternal grandmother purchased the china shortly after they immigrated here from Sweden, as such was finally able to “afford the finer things” (Martha J., 10/3/2021).

Martha’s grandparents.

I chose items from a similar period (1930s – 1940s) to pair with this china. The table includes the Oneida silverplate pattern Coronation (c 1930s), and these etched wine glasses. The lace tablecloths are also used frequently during the same period. In lieu of colorful flowers, I used a variety of colorful vases with all white flowers, with green and ivory table linens.

If you look carefully, you can see the basket-weave pattern.

This is a very complete set, which includes a covered vegetable dish as well as cream soup bowls with underplates, the coup-d’gras for any pattern in my humble opinion. If you’ve ever priced them you know why I say that!

And of course some Napkin Blings for additional color (available for purchase – just a quick click on the “shop” icon), on these beautiful monographed napkins. I bought the napkins for another purpose, but realized after I was home that they are monogramed with an “L.” Guess they’re part of the collection now. Old vintage linen actually feels more like silk after years of washing.

I added a few of my own pieces to round out the setting: Lenox Eternal open veg and a few antique silver-plate items.

Dessert awaits! I included a platter from my grandmothers collection and silver compote to round out the table.

Can you imagine the tales these patterns could tell of families gathered around the table?! Many of these patterns and pieces were purchased to ensure that families could spend meals and celebrations together; often purchased over many years. Sadly, many are quite literally being taken to the landfill or to thrift stores because no one wants them. Any antique stores that will take a set will most likely break it up and sell as “open stock,” its unusual to find a store willing to take on the storage and time needed to sell a complete set.

Thanks for popping by today. I hope you enjoyed this vintage setting. Martha, next time you are in Washington, know that there is a meal waiting for you on your grandmother’s china. Until then, it is safe here!

Earlier I mentioned that I have not been good at keeping out of trouble. While scoping out our new antique booth at the Auburn Antique Marketplace (, I -ah, actually it was Margaret- ran across this head- and foot-board, perfect for the shabby room (May 2021: The great juxtaposition). So, I gave the room an upgrade! Or, rather a down-grade(?), it is shabby-chic afterall…,regardless, its perfect for the room.

Until next time, please feel free to comment and share with others who might enjoy these vintage items. Don’t forget to check out the re-envisioned vintage items in the Dinners in the Dining Room e-shop. Shipping is always same day and free! And, some perfect gifts await, for Valentine’s Day or any occasion. Until next time, enjoy something beautiful. ~d

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