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July: Along the garden path 2 – deck drama

Good tabletop drama and bad tabletop drama:  know the difference!

Not all things beautiful are vintage. Take this contemporary set of peacock napkins – I knew a table was in order!  It reminds of a beautiful scarf I had many years ago…hmmm wonder whatever happened to that scarf…Sharon??   

Folded in a traditional napkin fold however, you cannot see the beautiful colors in this print. So, i went dramatic, keeping the napkin unfolded as much as possible, in order to see the beautiful peacock, while making it a focal point.

A couple of small bouquets in classic peacock colors.  The small table was pretty crowded, so I went with two smaller bouquets.

I found these contemporary dinner plates in greens, blues, and lavender and added the cobalt blue salad plates.  The gold flatware adds some additional drama, and the Napkin Blings(c) napkin rings (handmade with vintage jewelry pieces) bring a little more color to the table. It was a last minute decision to include the “frond” place-mats, but they fit so perfectly with the peacock scene. Bloggers warning – picture heavy post. Please enjoy this summer table on the deck.

Some lovely late blooming, and fortunately deer resistant, Astilbe in the background

Thank you for visiting today, I hope you enjoyed the deck-side table setting! Please feel free to comment and share your good table-top drama. Please check back in August for the final “Along the Garden Path” series: vintage in the yard and a summer, lunch time picnic. Until then, enjoy something beautiful. ~d

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