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July: treasures past and present – a 4th of July table

Hello hello! How are the days and months passing so quickly? As a result, and perhaps a bit of lack of planning, I missed the second June post. So, here is a quick post – a July 4th table in the courtyard.

July 4th is a great way to bring the past into the present. The colonial look and feel of a historical event in the present day. Sometimes the historical element of the day is overlooked, clouded by the smoke from the fireworks. I chose red and blue transferware as the ideal place setting for this table scape.

The red ticking stripe pillows also bring a colonial feel as does the Reed and Barton “Bead” silverplate.

I learned a lot about transferware as I made my first couple of purchases. It was relatively inexpensively made from pottery or ironware as opposed to bone or porcelain china. Therefore it enabled the average family the opportunity to finally purchase and have china of their own. Up until this point, china and these items were strictly a perk of the leisure class…too expensive for the average person to afford. Transferware became very popular in both Europe and the states.

There is a large variety of “reds,” ranging from a true rose red to almost a pink.

Transferware is available in almost every color. Yellow was the most difficult color to work with so yellow patterns are difficult to find. Wedgewood also had difficulty with yellow in their popular Jasperware.

The transferware scenes are charming and range from country scenes, historical homes and places, and nautical scenes.

Enjoy this cute red, white, and blue transferware table and Happy Fourth of July!

Of course, I can’t forget about these fun Fostoria George and Martha Washington glasses! These are too cute.

A bit of Portland blue Jasperware, a jug that also has a colonial feel.

I found these napkins, same fabric pattern and edging but different embellishments.

Thanks for popping round for a visit, hope you enjoyed the July 4th table, inspired by the red and blue transferware. Hope to see you later in July for a table inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies as well as a look at forgotten items of the past. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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