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June: along the garden path I – garden surprises

Welcome back diners!

I can hardly believe that this marks nearly the middle of June, where has the month gone? For the summer, we’ll be dining outside, so the next three months will be a series of posts “along the garden path.” I am a bit late on this post, we recently added a vegetable garden to a long-forgotten (that’s code for neglected) area of the yard, which has taken quite a bit of my time.  In addition, its been rather stormy, which has also postponed my efforts a bit.  As a PNW native however, I know that rain is as ubiquitous as the moss, so I donned my duck shoes to embrace the wet yard. 

Personally, I prefer the just rained on look.  The light reflects off the water droplets to create a brightness different from the sun, and I find that everything just looks a little nicer: fresh and revitalized rather than dull and dry.  Alas, the weeds like it too.  As much as I love the mossy look of the area, I am still finding it difficult to embrace the horse-tail.  Its fine in the back drop, but I find its invasion of the garden beds bold and intrusive. I often wonder which will survive into perpetuity, the horse-tail or the blackberries?? My bet is on the horse-tail.

One of my favorite places to be is in my yard.  I am lucky to have a large enough space to fill it with flowers, paths, seating areas, and vintage treasures.   One of my favorite things about any outside space are finding unexpected things in the yard, and I am on a constant hunt for unique items to add to our yard, which according to my husband is as well decorated as our house. 

So, here is an honest look at my yard – weeds, unfinished projects, and all other misgivings, which I hope you’ll look past to enjoy the beauty of the summer plants as well as the vintage treasures…join me along the garden path. 

A dry creek bed ala pacific northwest style.

The garden assaults come from all directions. I can’t keep up with neighbors Photinia, which drops leaves by the minute.!

Another dry creek bed that meanders down the hill, this one, a more traditional Asian inspired one with these Koi from “Fish in the Garden.”

Several years ago, Stephen and I spent a weekend at a B&B where the owner provided guests an opportunity to make pottery. We choose to make these garden lanterns. I made two-koi lanterns and Stephen made the more geometric ones below.

The newest addition, this little beachy sitting area made from the left-over, pre-addition rock wall. The huge rock pile was a pain for a few years, but I am so glad I saved them.

A recent late spring storm brought lots of flotsam and jetsam to the the new patio. I added blue and green “beach glass” to the crushed rock for a “beachy look”

A set of vintage bench ends mark the section for a vintage brick labyrinth, a work in progress.

When you have a boggy yard, make a bog garden! These iris’ also love the water and are about to bloom.

This giant plant is a Gunera, which cannot get enough water. In the right conditions they will get quite large, this one loves its boggy spot.

These little ferns are actually plant supports, but I used them as a cute border fence.

Vintage figures from Never Never Land (Pt. Defiance Park). More on them later.

A tet-a-tet bench with this cute flower pillow – the photo does not do it justice.

A vintage scottie, a tribute to “Angus the Scottie Dog” who also loved to be in the yard. I see the slugs were out as well – they’re also big fans of the rainy weather.

Some glass mushrooms adding a bit of color in this woodsy area.

This little lantern marks the end of the path. I love to fill these with solor “fairy lights” they provide a nice lit demarcation of the paths.

Glass block from the renovation, used to add some height.

Really, there were no weeds last weekend!

OK, time to get out of these wet-cloths and dry off. As my own gardner and landscaper, I find my ambition often out-weighs my ability, but like most labors of love I enjoy the opportunity to have a constant project! Please share how you add charm, character, and decor to your yard, and share with friends who may enjoy the post.

Come back later in the month as we dine in the “garden of the Fairy Queen.” Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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