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June: along the garden path I – in the garden of the faerie queen

Waiting as patiently as a queen can, Titania the faerie queen bides her time at the woodland table.

Waiting, she is giddy as her one true love will join her for a twilight supper under the stars.

Waiting beside her: potions, tonics, and incantations designed to enchant and captivate.

Waiting. As patiently as a queen can.

  – D Lord, 2018

Welcome back diners!

Inspired by the Shakespeare play “A midsummer’s eve,”  this is my third faerie table.  My first one was several years ago for a June dinner with friends, a second for the 2018 Lakewold Gardens Beautiful Tables showcase, and now for our outdoor June dinner, “in the garden of the faerie-queen.” 

June 2016, with Dinner Chicks – a group of friends who gather and dine monthly.

2018 Lakewold Gardens: Beautiful Tables event

Wait along with Titania and her court of faeries, on the shortest night of the year.   Happy solstice, and stay cool in this crazy weather! 

One simply does not walk into the faerie domain, or so I’ve been told.  Rather, you must stealthily enter the garden so not to disturb their festivities; I also have it on good authority that faeries have a rather wicked temper and are quite mischievous!   

Here, we can see the faeries in their natural and preferred habitat: a secluded, woodsy garden.

Upon a c;loser look, we can see the faerie queen waiting with her faerie court

A beautifully set table for one waits

The combination of the beautiful china, moss, and twiggy charger creates a unique juxtaposition of woodsy and glitzy –  lets call it wootzy.

I love to mix patterns.  This is a mix of antique and vintage patterns: The Johnson Bros dinner plates were a wedding gift to my grandmother. They came from family in England and pre-dates the conventional naming that we know today.  The salad plates are Mikasa Rosemead and the bread & butter plates: MaryKay(!) in the classic MaryKay pink. 

This cream soup cup, so courtly!

The vintage stemware, Oscar de la Renta Chardonnay Gold, and pink coup glasses round out the setting.

I had visions of grand bouquet. Alas, imagine my horror when I realized that the neighborhood doe also had grand plans for my roses. 10 beautiful bushes reduced to mere sticks overnight!

For now, time to leave the faeries to the mischievous-making.  Hope you enjoyed the brief excursion into the land of faeries.

Please feel free to comment and share your own faerie experiences.  Join us in July as we continue along the garden path and check out a variety of yard totems made with vintage items.  Until then, enjoy something beautiful!  ~d

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