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November: jewels of the PNW – an Autumn table

Welcome back diners, I hope you’re preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal to kick off the 2021 holiday season. Ah, the Lenox Autumn pattern – my first love, and most likely the result of a lifelong obsession with China. I remember being in Gunderson’s jewelry store (Tacoma, WA) with my mom, where I was allowed to browse the china section all by myself, and gaze longingly at it! It remains one of my favorite patterns.

Beautiful Autumn. So many colors.

With so many colors in this pattern, I love the opportunity it brings to mix in a variety of colors in different ways: chargers, napkins, and colorful bread plates. There is a lot going on with this pattern, which is why I also prefer to marry it with the Lenox Eternal pattern. I believe that the subtleness of the simple dinner plates draw more attention to the beauty of the Autumn pattern. With so much additional color, I used a simple flatware, Reed and Barton Bead along with some pearl handled knives and carving set to ensure the table kept a formal feel.

Any great formal table should also include as much gleaming silver or silver-plate as is allowable by law. This vintage meat platter is perfect and ready for the turkey!

Lovely Heisey crystal water goblets in Iris and Oscar de la Renta Chardonnay Gold wine glasses

I love compote dishes. Their simplicity so elegant and they are perfect for smaller items: sweets or savories, relish items, or flowers. I would avoid relish or citrus in silver plate however, plate especially can become pitted by the acid.

Another view of the table with some additional colors of autumn.

The centerpiece is comprised of embroidery thread wrapped wheat stalks, an actual Pintrist success story. I used small bundles of three, five, and seven wheat stalks in both the light and darker wheat colors. Wrapping each small bundle with embroidery thread in autumn colors. I love the bright colors contrasted with the neutral wheat.

This colorfully wrapped chocolate turkey is actually too cute to eat!

He is nestled in a bed of unique acorns: Soviet acorns that I brought back from the USSR (1991), some handmade felt acorns, gold ones, as well as a variety of blown glass.

These are napkin rings “Napkin Blings” that I have been making for about the past year. Each set is made up of bits and pieces of vintage jewelry, so you can now add jewelry to your table. Watch for my Dinners in the Dining Room shop to “open” (hopefully this month) where Napkin Blings among other re-envisioned vintage items will be available.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the Autumn table and all the beautiful colors of autumn. Please feel free to comment and share with others who may enjoy a beautiful table. Join me in December “Baby its Cold Outside” for a look at vintage furs and a dinner with the Snow Queen. Until then, enjoy something beautiful and have a wonderful holiday however you celebrate! ~d

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