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November: the colors of autumn – PNW jewels

Welcome back and thank you for joining me today!   I poured you a glass of champagne, and split my eclair with you…you know, a moment on the lips and all that…

In celebration of a year of blogging, finding new ways to use vintage items, learning the history of items, interviews with friends, and setting lots of tables, thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting!  Your comments have been so appreciated I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your inspiration and support.

my favorite champagne flutes: Oscar de la Renta Chardonnay Gold. I purchased one at a time for several months as young graduate.

I love these cute leaf plates in a rich red, purple, green, and yellow they add quite a bit of color to an autumn table.

I love autumn, what a beautiful time of year that signals a transition into the new year, and provides us with a different kind of show: beautiful autumn colors. As I look outside the window against the gray backdrop, I see garnets, rubies, topaz, citrine and some pops of emeralds.

image retrieved from:, Nov 9, 2021

I have also long admired “crests.” They have such a regal presence and their history is quite interesting. They seem to be making a come-back, recently I have seen some really lovely crests on stationary and invites. I was inspired by many of the beautiful crests I’ve seen on Pintrist, and set out to make my own Dinners in the Dining Room crest. I chose autumn colors because of the time of year I began this endeavor, and will hopefully have it uploaded as my blog banner shortly.

Here it is, I also did a similar one for Dress the Table ( my partnership with long-time friend Margaret and our mutual love for all things vintage!

I also love watercolors and recently found these watercolor “pens” that I used for the crest. They are very easy to use and utilize a wet brush to feather and soften the colors. I used a vintage crystal salt cellar for my water reservoir.

After some struggles and challenges the finished product:

I have to admit, after finishing the crest, I was a bit hesitant to add the “D”

Keeping this post short as I have also been busy working to set up my Dinners in the Dining Room shop! Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will have it up and ready to take orders. I will be selling hand-made items that I have repurposed from a variety of other vintage items: Napkin Blings, LuLu bibs, garmet covers, and more where I find inspiration.

Thank you for joining me in my one year anniversary! Please share with others who may enjoy the beauty in vintage things and thank you for your on-going support. Next post will feature a beautiful Autumn table in celebration of beauty the season provides. Until then, enjoy something beautiful, ~d

For the curious: 22 posts, 317 photos, and 57 amazing, sweet, supportive, and inspirational comments!

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