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OCR three ways

Friend Kathy B, yup "we're stuff people Kathy," recently gifted me with her mothers beautiful set of Royal Doulton Old Country Roses. I decided to mix it up and use it in three different place-settings.

Dinner Plates:

I paired the dinner plates with an unmarked set of pink floral salad plates that I found at a Goodwill, and the beautiful Spode Gilded Ruby B&Bs.

The rose floral arrangements were provide by Sara Koelsch of V3 Floral.

The salad plates.

I went more bold with lots of gold and red for this setting, but for some reason didn't take a lot of photos... I used an Avon Cranberry glass dinner plate and Pier 1 Crown B&Bs.

The B&Bs.

The bread and butter plates paired well with red transferware patterns and more cranberry glass salad plates.

For this setting, I chose to use red transferware and do a Christmas setting, which felt a bit odd in June!

There we have it: OCR used three ways! Thanks for stopping by. Please invite others to dinner, until next time enjoy something beautiful!

You won't believe the next table...a lesson in "never say never"! ~d

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Marilyn Lindholm
Marilyn Lindholm
Oct 13, 2023

Gorgeous! My favorite is the first setting. <3

Replying to

Thank you Marilyn! I liked that one as well. :)

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