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October: Chilly autumn mornings – a breakfast worthy setting

Hello diners and welcome back! What a busy, quick month and our Holiday season is near. This blog post features a very cute, and old pattern: W.H. Grindley & Co, “The Astoria” from the early 1900s. Its bright green, orange, and pink pattern is cheerful and for whatever reason, reminds me of breakfast. Perhaps its the egg cups, or the selection bowls, and it has a charming farmhouse feel.

The egg cups are perfect for small bouquets. In this case some late blooming nasturtiums, one of my favorites. They will bloom until a hard-frost and always leave lots of seeds for the following year.

For this cheery table, I selected a 1930’s table topper that has wool woven as a boarder and bright flowers. I got this topper years ago in an antique district in Tennessee. If you want antiques, that is a place to visit! I only made it to one warehouse, and it was packed. The linen section was floor to ceiling shelves packed with everything imaginable; this one jumped out at me and remains a favorite.

And a bit of depression glass for added color: pink of course! This pattern is the Rose of Sharon

Of course a hearty breakfast requires a good cup of coffee.

This little marmalade crock is so cute. The perfect addition for the table, and for breakfast.

I purchased this china set from a vintage shop that was going out of business. There were only two of these little fruit bowls with the set, so I added them to some short candlesticks to serve as condiment dishes. Later at Margaret’s house, my Dress the Table partner ( I saw that she had the exact same two bowls, and had also perched them on top of candlesticks! Turns out the the two bowls Margaret had found were some how separated from the set at the same store – and we both had the same idea!

Well, for me I am now craving an English muffin with orange marmalade and some good coffee. I hope you enjoyed this cute breakfast setting, and will join me in again in November. November will feature a one-year celebration, a gift to myself, an autumn project, along with a beautiful autumn table-setting. I hope to see you then. please feel free to comment and share. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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