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Red transferware challenge month one: Year of the Dragon

A blend of English and Chinese Imperialism

Happy New Year! for the Chinese zodiac, we are entering the Year of the Dragon. It actually doesn't start until February, but I have a Valentines table planned for Feb., so this one is a bit early.

I started with these paper pagoda placemats. While I wouldn't normally use paper, these were too cute to pass by. I also placed the flatware directly on the plates, for something a bit different as well. This allowed the chopsticks to stand on their own.

These are Hester & Cook placemats available on Amazon. Since I was primarily using cobalt blue and orange for this setting, they were a must have. And, they were just super-cute.

It begins with my four random vintage red transferware plates, and added cobalt blue glass plates along with vintage Roslyn China salad plates in cobalt and orange.

The antique chow dogs are carved and very detailed. They were on loan from our sponsor Nowvi.

I also included a variety of pieces like this ornate Chinese box and cute dolls that were made for my mom when she was a child.

This is a very large table, sometimes its hard to fill it. Overall, I wasn't very happy with the table-setting itself, but love many of the little details that were part of each place-setting.

I found these small coup glasses at a local thrift shop. A bit difficult to see, but they are etched with bamboo. Perfect for this table setting! The rice bowls also boast a very colorful dragon, I believe these were once part of a Chinese restaurant.

These are bracelets serving as napkin rings.

Little blue dragon chopstick rests. Perfect!

For the discerning eye, yes this is Thai flatware! But, so fitting for the place-setting. It is teak and brass. It was quite a popular Thai souvenir many years ago.

Finally, this fun dragon was the perfect addition to guard over the table.

Well, red transferware challenge month one complete! In February I'll have a Valentine's table and I'll also have a stormy beach table. Hope to see you then. Feel free to comment and share with others who may enjoy a beautiful table or all things vintage. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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May 01

I am enjoying your transferware challenge! I will receive my family collection of red transferware tomorrow. It is just dinner plates and I have been thinking about how to style it so I can enjoy these wonderful pieces along with some other much-loved pieces.

I am wondering if I can get away with my great-grandmother's wedding pattern to start but it may depend on the quality of the red vs rose. (Not my photo but the pattern looks like this.) This would be a more monotone approach though and I really like how you have mixed in blues and yellows. I'm following and learning!

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