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Red Transferware challenge three: Along the primrose path

Here it is, month three of my red transferware challenge. Four vintage plates that I somehow acquired along the way of all of my china purchases. This table setting features Royal Staffordshire Primrose Dell.

The pattern is perfect for mixing with red and brining in a bit of blue and yellow for a really colorful, bright, cheery table, which is exactly what primroses bring. Its no wonder they're the first flowers we get after the Christmas Holiday!

I have this cheerful table topper that was perfect for the setting. The blue glasses are vintage Fostoria Avon George and Martha glasses. The yellow coups are Heisey, Sahara yellow Carcassone. I love the square base. These are on loan from Dinners in the Dining Room sponsor: Nowvi.

I mixed in some Wedgewood Jasperware, because you can never have enough Jasperware!

You might be wondering why no spoons...I set this table in vintage British tradition, the spoons were not common in a setting, instead put in spooners allowing guests to grab one if needed.

I have this large red transferware bowl I filled with red and white Primroses.

The plates are topped with blue and yellow primroses for lots of color!

This was a fun little table to set, using all four of the red transferware dinner plates. Here are a few more photos...

Thanks for stopping by! I have Aprils RT challenge all que'd up and ready to go. I'll be mixing in Old Country Roses. Also this month, I'm starting another series: the colors of spring. Watch for the first one in a few more days: Nest.

Please feel free to share with others, comment, and check out our sponsors. Until next time, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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