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September: warm days, cool evenings – an art nouveau inspired table

Welcome back diners! How quickly the summer comes and goes. As we head into autumn, I thought it was a good time to head back inside, as the days grow shorter. I have been super excited to set this table with my newest pattern addition. Please enjoy!

Meet Chelsea Bird.  A popular pattern during the early 20th century, and produced by many.  This version is Myott Staffordshire and came in four colors including a mustard yellow, deep rich red, blue, and green – the version you see here.  What made the green pattern unique was the inclusion of the orange enamel dots.  The birds and floral are very consistent with the softness that defined the art nouveau era (early 1900s).  I love the beautiful colors of orange and hot pink featured in this pattern.

The art nouveau period was characterized by soft, flowing lines and usually featured birds and flowers.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a pre-estate sale sneak-peak, where I first saw this pattern. Being a lover of green, I noticed it right away. My first inclination was to shove my dear friend and Dress The Table ( partner Margaret J out of the way and immediately claim victory! More reasonable thoughts prevailed, and friendship in tact, we were treated to a tour of the beautiful craftsman style home of our new friend Janet’s parents. Janet’s mother, the original owner of the china was a famous Western artist, and we got to see many of her paintings and amazing bronze sculptures. You can see her work here:

This pattern is from the 1930’s. I used a variety of other nouveau inspired pieces to create this table. I started with the lace, ivory table cloth and added some hot pink felt placemats – wanting to bring out the hot pink in the pattern. I also included Oneida Coronation flatware, also from the 1930s, and some glass candlesticks from my grandmother. Enjoy!

The set came with coffee cups, tea cups, and demitasse cups – they’re so cute. I love the detail in the tea cups!

I really love the square plates, I find that I am drawn to them more and more.

Look at these cute cordials! They were a great fit with the similarly styled wine glasses, and were a gift from my friend Tricia R. They belonged to her aunt, and she has many memories of playing with them as a child. Thank you Tricia, they were a perfect addition to this setting.

I hope you enjoyed this simply set table, and this beautiful china setting; I am so thankful to Janet for allowing it to have a place in my home.

Later in the month we’ll look at vintage quilts, as we consider adding more layers and warmth to the bed. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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