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Spring colors: of buds and blooms - pink and green

There is something so sweet about pink and green. These are the colors of early spring as the small blooms and buds of pink dot the pacific northwest landscape. From our natural rhododendrons, the perennial geraniums, and the wild germaniums (pictured) with their funny smell the early spring landscape is full of this combination.

I selected these four green and pink botanical plates and paired them with Haviland Schleiger 201, a personal favorite of green garland and pink roses. The plate is the Haviland version, the bone dish is actually Homer Laughlin, part of the Hudson collection. There is quite a bit of similarity between the two, but perfect for mixing.

The moss mat made a re-appearance, last seen in May 2022 for the Derby Day table, with a reminder of why it doesn't come out of the closet too often, it makes a mess! Its a bit hard to see, but the veg dish is the Hudson pattern.

The wine glasses and pink salad plates, layered in below, are Franciscan patterns.

The table linen is actually a sheet; its too pretty to be hidden under covers! And, yes its wrinkled. I have a hard enough time managing a king size sheet every Sunday, ironing it was out of the question!

The napkin rings are a series of spring bloom sets made from vintage jewelry and are available in the shop.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this sweet table setting of pink and green: quintessential spring colors. I am working on the Red transferware challenge #5 - watch for it later this month. Until then, enjoy something beautiful! ~d

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