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The American Renaissance

The renaissance. A period of great enlightenment, and an appreciation for classical music, art, and literature that occurred in Europe (14th to the 17th centuries), following the dark ages.

We have been living in our own dark ages. A period of violent movies, video games, and music accentuated by a throw-away society and too busy to “just be” attitude. For me, i believe this has left many frustrated, rushed, and appreciative of a quick fix over quality. What if we could slow down for just a moment and appreciate those items that sustains beauty, grace, and charm.

I am a self-proclaimed keeper of things, which also makes me a keeper of history. We are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful things through antique and vintage items, such as china, crystal, silver, and textiles. But so many of these things are undervalued or valued for the wrong reasons. Take silver flatware for example, many people are selling their grandmother’s silver for the dollar, rather than the intrinsic value.

This is space that hopes to create an American renaissance through an appreciation of those things. Come with me on a journey to find beauty in the old, and incorporate new ways to infuse your home with beauty through vintage items. I hope this can also be a means to slow down long enough to appreciate those things as well as others in our lives.

We’re stuff people Kathy Bowker, friend and fellow stuff people

Watch for monthly updates beginning in December!

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